Re: ServU

Kelly Wright ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 May 1997 16:49:51 -0500

> > I have not been able to get the servu's dll working on a our server.
> > When
> > I start servu in the foregound the dll doesn't load. I have check
> > registry
> > and all is good there.
> What is the contents of the logfile when you define a logfile in the
> registry?

The logging is currently going to screen. I am not sure what you mean in
resgistry. I didn't see a place. Are you talking about the ini file?

> This should tell you what the problem is. Have you tried using MS
> Query to
> verify the ODBC DSN, Username, and password you are telling Serv-U to
> use?

I have never used MS Query. What is the command to test this.?