CC Batch w/PTC sample

Greg White ( )
Wed, 14 May 1997 14:26:45 -0700

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Attached are three lines of the output from PTC. I created another export
file that includes all fields that are selectable for export (sensitive
information has been omitted). The 1135, 1136, and 1138 are transaction
IDs from Emerald.

I can force the fourth field to be include "AUTH/TKT," but, I never do
encounter a "C" where you specified. The "S" refers to Sale, and as you
can see, it apppears whether the charge was accepted or declined. The
Auth. Char. Ind. seems to be the closest match, though on about 25% of the
records, I encounter a stream of characters similar to that shown in the
first row of the sample batch. The "E" is the character that appears on
all other approved transactions.

I don't mind customizing the output file manually if necessary, I just need
to know all the fields that need to be included.

Thank you,

Greg White
Direct NET Communications

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The fields appear in this order:

Transaction Code
Host Response
Card Number
Expiration Date
Merchant Number
Cardholder Name
Invoice Number
Operator ID (blank)
Order Number (blank)
Department Codes (blank)
Retail Terms (blank)
Mail Order Indicator
Auth Char Ind.
Transaction ID
Total Trans Amt.

"05/12/97","15:29:50","S","AUTH/TKT =
ame","1135","","","","","0","=FF=FFMCCCPDXT50512 ","MCCCPDXT50512 =
"05/12/97","15:29:50","S","AUTH/TKT =
"05/12/97","15:29:50","S","DECLINED =