Re: Starts At on Servers tab in Radius Config In Admin

Michael Miller ( )
Wed, 14 May 1997 12:41:45 -0400

Neil Johnson wrote:
> I am setting up 2 livingston portmaster 2e's and 1 USR Total Control Enterprise network hub. I have noticed in the list that the usr should be set to starts at 1. My Portmasters start at 0. When I set any of the three severs to starts at 1 or starts at 0, the rest of the servers show up as the last setting saved(i.e. all three are either 1 or 0) is this a problem? I think I should be able to save different types for the three devices, but the settings do not save properly. Am I doing someth
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I have notice the same thing happens, however when I look at the created
ports for each of the servers it appears they are created correctly
which leads me to believe that this particular tab is only a setting to
select for doing the re-port, and is not a saved configuration setting
for the server (thus why it's the same in all server settings). In my
particular case the last server I re-ported was a MAX1800, and when I
look at each of the servers they all say MAX1800, even though some are
ported as MAX4000 and 'starts at 1'. The last re-port performed is what
will always show in that box, regardless of the server type. I don't
think it is causing any problems or is really a bug, but perhaps a
little changes in the interface to designate that as a selection for
performing a re-port, and not as a "your server is this" could be needed
since it disturbed me as well for a while.

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