Secondary authentication server in MAX4000

Michael Miller ( )
Mon, 12 May 1997 09:34:37 -0400

Hi all,

I am attempting to move Emerald out of our testing environment and onto
our operating equipment for further testing. At first I am not wanting
to move all of our users into the Emerald database, but rather only a
handful of our internal accounts for testing sake. I wish to leave the
rest on our existing Radius using the 'users.' text file for the time
being. It is my understanding that the MAX is supposed to check it's
internal list for authentication, then check each of it's listed
authentication servers to find a match. This is to say if I put an
account in Emerald, say 'test' for example, that the MAX should check
it's internal list and find no match for 'test', then check our existing
Radius still using the 'users.' file and find no match for 'test', then
check our Radius using the Emerald database and find a match. This is
not what is happening however. The MAX is checking it's internal list,
checking our existing Radius, but never sending authentication requests
to the Emerald Radius at all. As soon as the existing Radius rejects
the id I disconnect without ever checking the next server. The MAX4000
is however properly sending all accounting information to the new Radius
which is listed as a second accounting server. Any idea what is
happening here? Here is the MAX config:

Ethernet, Mod Config, Auth:

Auth Host #1= (our existing Radius using users. )
Auth Host #2= (our test Radius using the Emerald d-base)
Auth Host #3=
Auth Port=1645
Auth Src Port=0
Auth Timeout=5
Auth Key=********
Auth Pool=Yes
Auth TS Secure=Yes
Auth Send Attr. 6,7=Yes
Local Profiles First=Yes
Auth Req=Yes
CLID Timeout Busy=No
CLID Fail Busy=No
APP Server=No
APP Host=N/A
APP Port=N/A
SecurID DES encryption=N/A
SecurID host retries=N/A
SecurID NodeSecret=N/A
Sess Timer=N/A

Anyone ever attempt this and have any suggestions?

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