Re: Serv-U dll

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 08 May 1997 11:13:20 -0700

David Kerr wrote:
> In setting up the ini file in Serv-U, can i use a UNC name to point to the
> emer_su.dll on the box running emerald and radius nt, or would serv-u have
> to reside there as well, hopefully not.
> I have tried the unc name and it doesn't seem to work.
> Should the Serv-U window show anything if there's a error loading the ini?

The DLL should reside on the same machine as Serv-U. Typically, I put
it in the Serv-U directory where the serv-u32.exe is.

You also need to make sure the three registry entries are set right. If
is running on the same machine as RadiusNT, its not needed. However, if
is no RadiusNT on the machine, then the registry entrires must be
created. The information on the registry entries are in the emer_su.txt

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