Large database but small ISP

James Sandusky ( )
Thu, 8 May 1997 10:23:07 -0500

We have had this install of Emerald (2.1.8) running about 1 month. It =
has one portmaster with 30 modems on it and about 300 accounts. Our =
Emerald database size is 50 megs. When looking at it in SQL Manager I =
notice it says there is only 36mb free. This may be normal, but it =
seems like a lot for one month with on 300 users. I truncated the log =
file and it didn't seem to change much. I don't use any of Emeralds =
billing options. How fast can you expect the database to grow? I've =
seen post before about taking all the start records out because they are =
not needed. I've done this already. Is 50 megs a good size for the =
database or should I expect it to outgrow that? How long will it take =
assuming we have under 500 users? =20
If anyone has some input on the database size and what should be done to =
keep the size down and everything working smoothly, I would greatly =
appreciate it. I don't won't to let it fill up and quite =

James Sandusky