Re: Session Timeout

Marc Elbirt ( )
Thu, 08 May 1997 08:48:12 -0400

At 02:46 PM 5/7/97 -0700, Dale wrote:
>Ok. I just had an idea. Have you verified that your Session-Timeout
>dictionary value is of the proper type? I remember a while back when
>someone swore to me their database was correct, when in fact they had
>several incorrect types in the dictionary that was doing this. For
>example, if your dictionary has Session-Timeout to be a type of
>or date, this would be happening. That would also expalin why there are
>different results based upon installations.

I'm not sure what the dictionary is, but in RadAttributes, Session-Timeout
is RADAttributeID 27 and Type 1. BTW, another service works fine, where
Session-Timeout is set to 5400.

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