Re: Session Timeout

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 07 May 1997 14:46:17 -0700

Marc Elbirt wrote:
> GUYS! Wake up! I'm not talking about the ASCEND. This is RADLOGIN that
> doesn't work. No terminal server, no third parties. Just RADIUS.
> >Of course, if this were really true, then I wouldn't have this problem with
> >a Session-Timeout of 36000:
> >
> >C:\radius>radlogin notebook booknote
> >
> > Checking Radius user notebook:
> > Framed-Protocol = PPP
> > User-Service = Framed-User
> > Session-Timeout = -29536
> >0: Time: 100 Auth: Good
> >

Ok. I just had an idea. Have you verified that your Session-Timeout
dictionary value is of the proper type? I remember a while back when
someone swore to me their database was correct, when in fact they had
several incorrect types in the dictionary that was doing this. For
example, if your dictionary has Session-Timeout to be a type of
or date, this would be happening. That would also expalin why there are
different results based upon installations.

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