Re: Session Timeout

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 06 May 1997 17:47:12 -0700

Michael Miller wrote:
> Sounds to me like a problem with limitations of data type 'integer'. In
> programming an integer is 16 bits long ( 2 bytes ). In theroy a data
> range of 0 - 65535, however the most significant bit of the integer is
> used for determining positive or negative status of the number, thus
> resulting in a range of -32767 through 32768. What happens is when a
> value of 32769 or greater is assigned, the most significant bit is set
> to "1", however doing so to a data type of integer actually makes the
> number negative instead of positive!!! The only way around this is if
> there is a way of using a data type of longint to achieve a greater
> range, which requires some code change in Radius (definatelly nothing
> within our control). Unless in one of the next releases of Radius a
> different data type is used, we are simply limited to a bit over 9
> hours. Even if the data type is changed in Radius, I have no clue if
> the MAX will even accept such a data type for the value anyways.

RADIUS users a 32-bit integer. The intger size does NOT vary between
attributes (there are only four attribute types in RADIUS).

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