Re: How to change the pk_calls constraint

Tom Bilan ( )
Tue, 06 May 1997 10:13:37 -0400

Let's just say that it would be easier to fix the constraint problem than
the $120k worth of terminal equipment I can't send back...


At 09:04 PM 5/5/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Tom Bilan wrote:
>> I want to change the pk_calls constraint the the following so I can
>> hopefully
>> get rid of my USR recurring AcctSessionID problem. If it just so
>> happens that the
>> same user logged into the same port and got the same Accouting ID AND
>> the same
>> FramedAddress 3 months ago then I guess it wasn't meant to be logged
>> anyway!
>> AcctStatusType tinyint NOT NULL CONSTRAINT pk_Calls PRIMARY KEY
>> (NASIdentifier, NASPort, AcctSessionID, AcctStatusType, UserName,
>> FramedAddress)
>> The question is, how can I change the constrait to match the above? (A
>> nice
>> clean SQL command would do :)
>All this, or you could get a real terminal server. :)
>Right Click on the Calls Table in SEM, and select edit. Click the
>Advanced options, and go to the primary key tab. Set the fields
>you want for the constraint and save.
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