Re: How to change the pk_calls constraint

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 05 May 1997 21:04:45 -0700

Tom Bilan wrote:
> I want to change the pk_calls constraint the the following so I can
> hopefully
> get rid of my USR recurring AcctSessionID problem. If it just so
> happens that the
> same user logged into the same port and got the same Accouting ID AND
> the same
> FramedAddress 3 months ago then I guess it wasn't meant to be logged
> anyway!
> AcctStatusType tinyint NOT NULL CONSTRAINT pk_Calls PRIMARY KEY
> (NASIdentifier, NASPort, AcctSessionID, AcctStatusType, UserName,
> FramedAddress)
> The question is, how can I change the constrait to match the above? (A
> nice
> clean SQL command would do :)

All this, or you could get a real terminal server. :)

Right Click on the Calls Table in SEM, and select edit. Click the
Advanced options, and go to the primary key tab. Set the fields
you want for the constraint and save.

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