Emerald / Radius NT integration

Michael Miller ( michael@abraxis.com )
Mon, 05 May 1997 17:01:06 -0400

Hello all,

I have (finally) got Emerald sucessfully running without any errors and
am now attempting to integrate it with RadiusNT 60 for authentication
using the Emerald database. I am familiar with using RadiusNT by the
users. file method for authentication, however have not used ODBC to
authenticate from a database before. I have done the following:

- Installed Emerald and got it functioning properly: I can create user
accounts in Emerald and the Emerald database appears to be functioning
properly in handling them.

- Installed RadiusNT and set up an Ascend MAX 4000 for testing
purposes. Both are configured properly.

- Set up an ODBC DSN named 'Emerald' which points to the local SQL
server, database name 'Emerald' (Radius and SQL and Emerald are
installed all on the same system)

- Set up RadiusNT Admin to point to DSN 'Emerald' and to authenticate
using ODBC instead of text.

- Execute RadiusNT in debug mode ( radius -x15 -A -I -o )

Radius appears to be properly connecting to the database upon
execution. When I attempt to dial in to the MAX4000 using username
'test' from a remote PC, the MAX properly sends the authentication
request to Radius, which in turn appears in the Radius window on the
server, and Radius makes a request to the SQL server for
authentication. The response is:

LOG: User: test not found

then Radius rejects the connection due to invalid username. As far as I
can tell Radius must not be properly reading the Emerald database for
authentication to not find the user 'test' which is definatelly in the
database. Anyone ever have this problem, or know a solution I can try
to resolve it? Any help is appreciated.

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