Exports w/ 2.1.11

Greg Boehnlein ( damin@nacs.net )
Sun, 4 May 1997 19:14:57 -0400 (EDT)

UNIX Exports are not working as expected w/ 2.1.11.

1. There are no "EXT" commands being added to users that have their expire
dates modified. Instead, Emerald is writing them out as;

username expire-date

According to the discussions that you and I have had regarding this,
the proper syntax should be;

EXT username expire-date

2. When a password is changed in Emerald, it is NOT sent out to the
external system for updates. This is bad!!! Can we fix it so that if
the password is updated in Emerald, it will be sent out using the "CHG"
command? I'm not sure if this is implemented yet, but my version of
Emparse is looking for it and we are running into serious problems
keeping our Linux box up to date w/ Passwords for our users.

The syntax that I am looking for w/ Emparse is;

CHG username password

3. When I delete an MBR, I am expecting to see a "DEL" command from
Emerald. This is not happening. Again, I am expecting to see a
syntax such as;

DEL username

4. I'm not too crazy about having to modify the Registry by hand to get
Emerald to export in "New Format". Can you add a little routine to do
this in Emeradmn?

5. The C based emparse program is working here, provided you get Emerald
to export the right stuff to us. I have some small refinements on it
to add logging support and PGP E-mail notification of failed batches
but it's pretty much done. I'll be happy to release the 1.0.0 version
for Linux as soon as we can get the above issues worked out.

This was written for RedHat 4.1 and supports the Shadow suite. The
commands to add / delete / modify and extend users are external to
the code so that they can be customized. I wrote it with the idea of
making it easy to convert into running as a Daemon, using sockets and
some sort of encryption to talk w/ Emerald.

Currently, I'm looking for the following commands from Emerald...

if(strcmp(data[loop].command, "ADD") == 0)
else if(strcmp(data[loop].command, "DEL") == 0)
else if(strcmp(data[loop].command, "EXT") == 0)
else if(strcmp(data[loop].command, "CHG") == 0)

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