Re: SQL question

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 03 May 1997 15:04:36 -0700

Mourad Dahoumane wrote:
> Dale,
> I'm geting this error on radius. it tries to insert a start record for the
> NAS.
> If I reboot the NAs it goes back to normal for a short time then it start
> again.
> where should I look to correct this.
> odbc: SQLExecDirect Error: : the column NASPort in table calls may not be
> null.
> sql statement: insert into calls
> (calldate,acctsessionIs,NASIdentifier,acctstatustype,acctdelayTime) VALUES
> (getdate(),'00000000','',1,33882)

This is typically a "I have been rebooted" thing the PM does. RadiusNT
handles this correctly. I believe the problem is that RadiusNT 1.19.0
not ACK this becase of the SQL Server error and thats why it keep

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