Limit Field

Duane Schaub ( )
Fri, 02 May 1997 21:43:16 -0500

>> Now, Whenever an invoice is generated, it is based on the expires date.
>> When you pay the invoice, it adds one month to the expires, AND puts that
>> date in the paid thru date. I don't want that to happen. What I want is
>> for the customer to see the paidthru date as their expiration. The expires
>> date is basically the 7 day grace period that customers don't really see.
>> I want them to get the seven days grace, but I don't want them to know
>> about it... ie its not on the invoices.
>Then set thie LIMIT field to 7, not the extension, and make sure you are
>using 1.16.90 of RadiusNT.
>Extension is CLEARED after each payment
>Limit is KEPT after each payment.

Please don't take this the wrong way... I'm just trying to understand how
Emerald works.

I realize the last statement, but I though that the limit field was a limit
on the number of simultaneous logins by the service.

On closer scrutiny, I see that the Master has a "limit" and the services
have a "login Limit". Does the "login limit" in the services provide the
max simultaneous connects, or is that another unimplimented feature?


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