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Fri, 02 May 1997 08:37:15 -0700

Sharon K. Caswell wrote:
> On Thu, 1 May 1997, ( Phil ) Thomas, Philip wrote:
> > Can some please explain to me in a little more detail what crystal
> > report is and how can I use it to interface with Emerald.
> Crystal Reports is a report writer application.
> Emerald offers a wide variety of reporting features. These reporting
> features allow you to print comprehensive summaries of information that is
> held in the Emerald database. For instance, an accounts receivable report
> can help monitor customer account status and high light problem areas,
> while a sales report can help analyze current sales and let you review
> sales trends.
> Emerald comes with several standard reports, but the real power of
> managing the data comes with learning how to create custom reports using
> the Crystal Reports program. Crystal Reports is widely known for its
> powerful reporting and ease of use.
> Hope this is helpful.
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Thank You Sharon , My only question now is where is their webpage?