New POP, need help

Warren Kipp ( )
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 23:14:19 -0600

Hello anyone,

I am succesfully using Radius w/emerald to authenticate here in my town.
We have just recently expanded to a neighboring (sp) community and have set
up a PM2e10 there also. I think I have configured like my working site, but
apparently not.

The new site (site B) authenticate back to our Radius server at site A.
Well its SUPPOSED to. :)

I can't get authenticated unless I use a user that is set up in the Site B
users table. This isn't what I want as all the Site B user will be set up
in the SQL database at Site A.

I can successfuly surf away when I login with the User Table account.

Under Emerald Admin, it has a password assign for the secret in both Site A
and B servers, but when I use PMConsole and look at the term servers, no
secret is there. Do I have to have one?

Stuck in Sparwood.

Warren Kipp

PS. Appreciate any help on this one.