Call consolidation

David Khoury ( )
Thu, 01 May 1997 12:32:48 +1000

Hi ... haven't got an answer yet on this. REALLY need an answer urgently
on this.

1) When Consolidating, it seems to consolidate on monthly periods based
on the MAexpire date. Are there any other factors it consolidates on?? I'm
asking this question because I've noticed some strange things when
consolidation happens.

On our test SQL server, one user had about 1 1/2 months of calls
consolidated into one month. He was created on the 2/20/97 and is listed as
expiring on the 5/20/97. Consolidating calls on the 4/24/97 created two
entries in the call history. One starting the 3/20/97 and one starting the
4/20/97 . The hours listed for the 3/20/97 was approximately the number of
hours he'd done from 2/20/97 to today!! The time for the 4/20 entry was
approximately the time from the 4/1/97 to today.

2) Also, there were about 200 or so calls still in the call table after
consolidation ... why is this so??

I guess what I'm after is EXACTLY what call consolidation does. The SQL
queries used during consolidation would be fantastic.

Just as a side note ... I increased the performance on the Time Online
check by about a factor of 60 by creating an index in the calls table. The
index had all the column names available in the calls table as keys.

What used to take about 2 minutes to check time on line now takes about 2

Of course, consolidating calls is the long term solution :)

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