Password Encryption

Mark A. Knight ( (no email) )
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 14:38:25 -0700

I originally posted this message to the RadiusNT mail list, but, I =
decided to post here also because the real issue is I can't get Emerald =
working. I apologize in advance to those that received this twice.


I am running RadiusNT Administrator v1.1, RadiusNT v1.16.60 (ODBC mode), =
Emerald Client v2.1.8, Emerald Admin v2.1.0, and MS SQL Server v6.50.201 =
on a dual Pentium Pro running NT 4.0 SP2 (build 1381).

When I run radlogin.exe on any of my users located in the Emerald DB the =
user checks out fine. When I try to dial-in using the same user, Radius =
will not authenticate (I am using a MAX 4004 for my NAS). I have run in =
debug mode and noticed the encrypted password is always different for =
the same user. Is this right?

I am fairly certain the users aren't getting authenticated because the =
password is getting hosed up on the way from the NAS to the Radius =
server. Is there any way to capture the string going into Radius for =
authentication from the NAS. Also, is it possible to capture the =
message going back to the NAS?

Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Mark A. Knight
PC Express, Inc.
(602) 516-9284