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Franco Nogarin ( )
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 10:01:20 -0600

It must be my unlucky week, I know you guys probably replied to this, =
but I dont have it in my emerald mailbox, please forward the previous =
reply or reply again thanks. to quote your solution:

DALE>RadiusNT 1.19.00 has the sever port access control that will solve =

I have this version but it has no docs yet, how do I Implement port =

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Subject: REPOST: to Dale: Using Port Security

Dale, I have downloaded the latest radius, there are no docs though so I =
dont know how to implement the security we discussed, could you give me =
a quick run through?

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No, I have concurrency on and only one user may use an SA at a time, I =
have radius 1.16.xx but I will get 1.19.00 and set it up, could you =
direct me to whatever I need to learn this procedure? readme? =
changes.txt? a web page?

Thnaks to all who replied on this....

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Subject: Re: Security Problem

Franco Nogarin wrote:
> Hi, I have a big problem.
> 1. It is well known in our area that we are "Easy to steal Internet =
From". I was rather shocked when I heard this, after several hours of =
pouring through logs and spot checks on modems, I have discovered only =
one thing which may or may not be the cause.
> We have 10 modems on our portmaster2e, 8 for public dialup on a hunt =
and peck with a base number of 872-5508, we also have one staff modem on =
a seperate line of 872-4437, and last but not least my administration =
modem on 872-5508 an unlisted private line.
> Some callers are starting to use this line, how this is I dont know, =
but I need a way to limit the admin modem on the portmaster to only =
accept calls from two or three SAs. This will solve my modem problem.

RadiusNT 1.19.00 has the sever port access control that will solve this.
> As to the security issue, is anyone aware of a way to hack into =
radius/emerald, or of a bad configuration that will allow free access???

They could be talking about concurrency control. LIke buying one
and having several people use it.

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