Re: Voided Invoices vs Deleted

Tom Bilan ( )
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 16:19:15 -0400

At 01:44 AM 4/25/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Pat Augustine wrote:
>> I downloaded and am reading the beta docs and I notice that you recommend
>> Voiding an incorrect Invoice rather than Deleting it. This is clearly a
>> good idea, with the exception that a Voided invoice still shows on the MBRs
>> Payments Tab and it's amount is included in their Total at the bottom of
>> that Tab.

I voided some invoices but when I went back to the MBR under the Billing tab
it shows them as owing -170.00 (the amount of the voided invoice). Shouldn't
this have been $0.00?

I voided the invoice by editing it and changing it to type of VOID. I assume
this is the correct way because I couldn't find another way to void an

I'm running 2.1.11.


>Just a word of adivce. The docs you download are old docs. I
>put the wrong ones up. Those are my old docs I was sending to the new
>documentor. :( I'll put the real ones up here soon.
>> I've been deleting all of mine so I can quickly glance at the Payments Tab
>> and see what they owe us without having to have a calculator handy.
>Its a bug in the payments tab. That tab is hidden in the newer versions
>until a couple of the other problems of it are fixed.
>Dale E. Reed Jr. (