Re: Billing is too confusing: how does it work?

Pat Augustine ( )
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 12:44:09 -0400

>You can specify the default expire AND extend in the Admin from about
>and higher. Using both, gives great flexibility in creating accounts.
>people do as you do above, others give a "getting started" period or
>period as you stated above. What version of the admin are you using?

Using Admin 2.1.0. The Default Extend is 5 and can't be changed. You can
edit the value, and save it, but when you open it back up, it's still 5. I
mentioned that in a previous email. Interestingly, even though it is 5,
when you create a new account, Extend stays at 0.

>You don't have to run the charges consolidation for manual charges to
>show up on invoices.

You don't? I must've misread then, I thought charges were only applied to
invoices when the Charges consolidation was run. By this I mean charges
created with the Charges button. Those will automatically appear on the
next invoice if we do nothing but create invoice?

>The setup fee should return soon. I am actually sure why it was
>This allows you to configure a setup fee for each account type.

Good news!

>Step 10 does NOT apply charges to invoices. Charges get applied to
>when you hit the actual "Create" button.

Thanks, I'll change the procedure, that'll save a step!

>Selecting renewal for step 12 is the same and can save time for a lot
>of customers.

Good point. I usually create new accounts within a couple minutes of
receiving them and rarely have more than 1 or 2 in any 15 minute period, so
there's no savings for me here, but it could make sense for others.

>> It appears it works better if you do Credit Cards before Invoices. I
>> usually do Credit cards pretty close to expire date, as there's no need for
>> lead time if you are going to process them.
>You should do CC, then Renewal, the Invoice. Invoice (if at all) should
>always be last. Most people do NOT use invoices.

Sorry, I meant Renewal. I tend to think of them as Invoices since they are
sent to users, but I definitely meant Renewal. Thanks for clarifying.

Pat Augustine
Interlink America