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Thu, 24 Apr 1997 19:00:40 -0400 wrote:
> Dear WebSite customer:
> You should be among the first to know -- O'Reilly & Associates announced
> today that WebSite Professional V2.0 will include support for Active
> Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft's new server-side scripting web development
> environment! This means that if you're currently using ASP (via IIS or PWS),
> you'll be able to run your .asp and .idc documents on WebSite Pro V2.0!
> Last spring Microsoft encouraged other server developers to
> support ISAPI. Bob Denny and the WebSite team recognized the benefits
> and added ISAPI compatibility to WebSite's API features. Since ASP *is*
> an ISAPI application, we can now provide the benefits of ASP to our WebSite
> Pro V2.0 customers! With WebSite Pro V2.0, we will continue to provide
> the latest innovations in web server technology without locking you
> into a proprietary solution.
> Earlier this week, we shipped an early version (Beta A) of WebSite Pro
> V2.0 to a selected number of beta test sites. The second testing phase
> (Beta B)
> is slated for the end of May and the complete WebSite Professional V2.0
> product is scheduled for a summer 1997 release.
> Today's WebSite Pro V2.0/ASP announcement is only the first of many
> exciting WebSite announcements I'll be making over the next few weeks,
> here on website-news and on our site (, so stay tuned!
> For full details on today's announcement, please see:
> Thanks to all who advocated for ASP functionality in WebSite Pro V2.0!
> - -- Kim
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