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Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 02:29:04 -0700

Michael Whisenant wrote:
> Now can you provide us with a quick and easy, If I know the IP and the date
> and time can I get the username? I have written a CR report, but I have to
> pull all instances of the IP that resides in the calls table, it sorts by
> day, but I have to read through weeks to find the exact day. Seagate says
> that CR has a problem with some of the pk_Constraints in Emerald????

There is only one constraint that I know of thats wrong, and that has
to do with a table that isn't used (its been fixed in 2.1). If you have
details on what they said, please forward it to me.

Here is a script I like to use for the request you have. Just
change the @timeon and @userip and execute it.

DECLARE @timeon smalldatetime, @userip char(16)

Select @timeon = "7/2/96 1:20"
Select @userip = ""

Select UserName, Start=DateAdd(Second,
(0-AcctSessionTime-AcctDelayTime), CallDate), Mins=(AcctSessionTime/60),
Stop=DateAdd(Second, (0-AcctDelayTime), CallDate),
Server=SubString(Server, 1, 15), Port=Str(NASPort,4), IP=FramedAddress

from calls, servers
where DateAdd(Second, (0-AcctSessionTime-AcctDelayTime), CallDate) <=
and DateAdd(Second, (0-AcctDelayTime), CallDate) >= @timeon
and calls.NASIdentifier=servers.ipaddress
and calls.FramedAddress = @userip
Order By Start

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