Badly needed features

Duane Schaub ( )
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 10:34:24 -0500

1. When using the external system for P.O.2 accounts, we are getting
*MANY* duplicate accounts. Anytime an account is modified, the whole thing
re-issues new account creations. Not really a problem, but irritating.

2. Need the option to auto remove the PO box when deleting accounts.

3. Need a procedure for scheduling the closing of an account. ie.. Cust.
calls and cancels at the end of the billing cycle or the end of the month.
Need to be able to issue an invoice for the final amount and not remove the
account until after they are paid. Normally, this is not an issue since
most accounts must be pre-paid, but it does arise some.

4. *ABSOLUTELY* need a way to schedule the calls consolidation (Charges)
procedure in the billing. This takes way too long to be done during the
daytime when people are trying to log in. We run this daily now, and it
locks out new logins for atleast 15 minutes per day. People only have a 30
second attention span and 3 minutes of patience. Anything longer will piss
them off.

For the following, just remember that we primarily bill via invoice and not
credit card.

5. *MUST* be able to customize email invoices.

6. Really need to sort invoices by Zip Code... Also, need to print bar
coded zips... The idea is that we could use bulk mailing or, more ideally,
current accounts could be mailed on a 10 cent postcard.

7. I need to be able to send late notices! Even if the account is
prepaid, AND they recieved the invoice, if they don't pay, I still would
like to invoice them and try to retain them as customers.

8. The due date on the invoices SHOULD be the paid thru date, not the
expires date. It makes no sense to have the expires date be the due date.
This is supposed to be a grace period. Currently, invoices print based on
expires dates and not due date. This is especially a problem with
commercial accounts that need to be billed substantially earlier so that
their board can meet and decide whether to pay the invoice..... ie..Schools!


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