Re: 6 months/12 month rates off

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 12:15:27 -0700

Ronnie D. Franklin wrote:
> When we setup our rates we established three rates.
> Monthly $19.95 + tax
> 6 months $17.95 + tax (107.70 + tax in advance)
> 12 months $15.95 + tax (191.40 + tax in advance)
> Now that we are getting closer to going on line with Emerald I noticed that
> the 6 month and 12 month totals are .01 cent and .04 cents off...
> Examples:
> My 6 month rate is
> (($17.95 per month * 12 months) * .0675 tax) = $114.97
> Emerald figures this to be $114.96
> $19.16 emerald per month
> $19.161625 actual per month
> My 12 month rate is
> (($15.95 per month * 12 months)) * .0675 tax) = $204.32
> Emerald calculates this to be $204.36
> $17.03 emerald per month
> $17.02666666 actual per month
> It appears that when Emerald makes the calculation, it first makes a
> monthly calculations, rounds it off to the 2 decimals then multiplies the
> amount times 6 or 12 months then rounds off that amount. This makes the

Its not that Emerald rounds it, its that money only goes to two digits
(cents). Thats the single unit price. You then multiply that by
to get the line amount. Would you really want $19.161625 to show up for
unit amount? You can't have Emerald remember that in the background and
just diplay $19.16, because then the numbers wouldn't calculate that are
being displayed on the invoice.

> I realize that it is only pennies, but the amounts are not calculated
> according to a standard. I tried the discount method by putting in 10.025

to a standard? You need to explain that statement, because I don't
"whos" or "what" standard you are using. Emerald does unit * quantity,
is the only way I have ever since invoiced done.

The main issue is that you want one year of service to be a UNIT, when
actually you have configured it to be a quantity.

> as the discount which I had hoped would fake Emerald out, but it appears
> that it rounds of the discount percentage to only two decimals also....

This depends on your database schema. The older one was only two
decimals. Its
been detailed a couple of times on how to make discounts and percentages
accept more decimals in the database if you have the old schema which
allowed to decimals.

> I have three service types setup:
> PPP - monthly $19.95
> PPP - 6 months $17.95
> PPP - 12 months $15.95

This makes them unit prices, so your numbers should come out correct.
you would only have ONE service (PPP) and then define termed discounts
for the
6 month and 12 month pay periods for the percentage differences.

> Any suggestions??? or Dale can you change the way it calculates???

I'll setup a couple of accounts here to be like yours and see what
I get.

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