Re: What causes new invoice?

Pat Augustine ( )
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 18:58:36 -0400

>2) Bill all users who DO NOT have an invoice that overlaps
> their current expiration.
>The typical problem that I see is people moving someone's
>expiration BACK on or two days. Thats a definate mistake,
>and will cause Emerald to NOT bill the user. If you manually
>created an invoice, this could be the problem. All invoices
>have a start/end date. This is what Emerald is looking at.
>For example, if Emerald see an invoice for 4/15/97-5/15/97,
>and the user's expiration is 5/1/97, it will not bill them.

Thanks, Dale, that helped me track it down. I'd like to clarify, however,
that the invoice doesn't have to overlap, simply has to be a date greater
than the date I'm looking for. In this particular case what caused it was a
typo when entering his invoice for last December, accidentally set to
12/1/97, instead of 12/1/96. As soon as I changed it to 96, I could create
the invoice.

Pat Augustine
Interlink America