Re: increasing the size of tempdb

David Khoury ( )
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 17:41:15 +1000

>I was following the bellow instuctions and when I tried to increase the size of
>the Master Database Device it says the size is -729 MB. When I check the size
>of the Master Database it says the data size is 17 Mb with Data Space Available
>of 4.56 MB. Can you please tell me what is wrong here

Yep ... this is exactly the problem that I've been mailing about for the
last three or four days.

The problem is either that the computer didn't shut down properly or that
you've got more than 2 Gig free. The problem with the 2 Gig free just seems
to be a problem with the SQL Enterprise Manager ... probably using a signed
integer for the free space variable :).

The solutions:
For the bad shutdown problem ... just run "DBCC CheckDB('master')" in the
SQL Query tool.
For the 2 Gig free problem (I know, having 2 Gig free isn't much of a
problem :) ... either fill up the drive space so that there's less than 2
Gig free, or run "DISK RESIZE NAME='master', SIZE=<whatever>" in the SQL
Query tool.

I think that there should be an Emerald FAQ started up.

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