Re: Printing Renewals

Pat Augustine ( )
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 18:44:31 -0400

Hmm. I don't think that's it, because it created 16 invoices and only
showed 1 blank page. Last week when I did the billing for the first, it
created 227 invoices and again 1 blank page. Running the Invoices Report
(which should be the same thing, right?) shows all the invoices correctly.

The invoices aren't blank, if I look up the individual invoice it is fine,
it's just that the Print button doesn't want to print them.

Pat Augustine
Interlink America

> From: Josh Hillman <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: Printing Renewals
> Date: Monday, April 14, 1997 5:57 PM
> > Dale,
> > I have a problem printing Renewal invoices from the Batch tab.
> >
> > It's not an ODBC problem, I can pull them up individually and print
> > just fine.
> >
> > When I batch create a set of invoices, I put in the date, select
> > and hit Create. It creates the Invoices just fine. I then hit Print and
> the
> > ODBC print dialog comes up with 1 blank invoice, for nobody. It then
> > if I want to mark all these invoices as sent.
> I had something like this happen every once in a while too. It turned
> to be a result of running a batch renewal-invoice with one of the
> having a servicetype with "improper" characters contained in the name of
> that service type. For example, 20 invoices need to be created, and the
> 4th one in includes a ServiceType of "PPP#3" (or something along those
> lines with a strange character in the name or description). The unusual
> character caused the batch process to choke and produce blank invoices.
> Some invoices had names, other ones had no information. The first few
> would be completely normal because they were created before the problem
> popped up with that one particular service.
> After spending quite a few hours trying to figure out the root of all of
> this, I went in Emerald Admin / Config Database and sifted through
> I could think of that would be related to invoice creation. If I found
> unusual characters (#$%&, etc.) in an AccountType or Description, I
> them. Apparently that's what fixed the root of the problem.
> I also had to delete the messed up invoices (I don't think that VOIDing
> them out always worked) and afterwards, rebatched the invoices and
> everything was back to normal--for the most part. What was strange was I
> had to do this 2 or three times (run the batch and check each invoice)
> before all invoices came out normal.
> I still don't know the character limitations in the names and
> for account types, discounts, etc., but I've been keeping them relatively
> simple to say the least!
> Hope it helps...
> Josh Hillman
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