James Sandusky ( )
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 11:36:54 -0500


I've been trying to get Emerald setup and working "Correctly" for over 3 =
months now! I continue to have different problems from version to =
version as things change. I don't know much about SQL servers and I =
would imagine most people don't. I've downloaded all the docs I could =
possible find on our FTP and Web site. ALL of them seem to be fairly =
out of date. I noticed the one in your beta directory, which I realize =
probably isn't finished.
I would STRONGLY recommend you spending some time and making some good =
documentation on how to install and setup the Emerald package with =
Radius to work.. Think of all the questions you may not have to answer =
EVERY DAY on this list if you spent the time to document your program =
better, especially the setup steps! Who knows you might even get more =
people to buy it, like me :)

Just a suggestion from a perspective customer...

James Sandusky
ViaGrafix Corporation