E-mailed invoices & E-mailed Billing Reports for Credit Card customers

Grant McClure ( grantm@kwik.net )
Sat, 12 Apr 1997 13:08:39 -0700

A couple things:

If just tried modifying the e-mailed invoice with the invhead.txt, =
invbody.txt, and invfoot.txt and it's not giving me enough flexibility. =
My text is being inserted, but it's not overwriting the other stuff. I =
understand that some of it has to be there because it hooks into the =
database, but it would be nice if the other stuff ("The following =
accounts will expire . . .") could be replaced with something not so =
heavy. Is there any way that Emerald could use Crystal Reports =
(exporting to text), or something like that for its e-mailed invoices? =
It'd be great to have more control over the configuration

The other thing I was wondering about is this: is there any way to send =
out a monthly billing report by e-mail to those customers that are being =
billed by credit card that outlines their charges (extra dial-up time, =

~ grant