Bug in 2.1.11

Jeffrey Betts ( (no email) )
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 19:06:04 -0700

I have found a bug in 2.1.11. When I try to check the
time on for my customers in /services/time on/ the
the default date is two months off. Example if the
customers account is up on 4/1/97 the default dates
in time on come up as 6/1/97 to 7/1/97 when it should be
4/1/97 to 5/1/97. or if there account is up on 6/1/97 the
default dates are 8/1/197 to 9/1/97. The weird thing is
it does'nt effect all accounts some are ok and I checked
others and they are one month off. This function worked
fine in 2.1.08. As I said it seems to have something to do
with the date there account expires...

Jeff Betts