Suggestion for Emerald

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 15:31:09 -0400

Would it be possible in some future release of Emerald, to implement an
email notification/reminder that an account has expired and a payment is
due (while using the Limit option in Emerald)?

For example:

John Doe's account expires on 4/10/97 and by default all MBRs have a 10 day
"Limit" set so that they can still get on for 10 days after the expiration
date. If the expiration date passes and a payment has not yet been
received, an email message is sent out to that user notifying him/her that
a payment is overdue, etc. A customer of mine even emphasised that it
should even email that message everyday (after the expiration date) until
the payment is marked in Emerald or until the Limit is reached (in which
case the person can't get online to get their email anymore anyway).

Possible setup options for this feature:

1. Have the email message originate from an administrator-editable
text file (perhaps with variables in it, similar to a CR file,
to display the account name, services that apply, etc.)

2. Default option (for ALL MBRs) to not send at all, send only
once, or send repeatedly every x days (or hours)
WHERE GETDATE() > maExpireDate
AND GETDATE() < (maExpireDate + Limit)
AND Active = 1
- This option should also be overrideable on an individual MBR basis
or also by a billing group.
- Also, it might be a good idea to have the ability to "turn off"
the notification for the most current unpaid billing cycle in case
the user contacts the ISP saying "the check's now in the mail."

3. Have the ability to select the MBR's service to use as the
contact for these email messages--maybe even be able to select
multiple services under that MBR.

4. Be able to select which accounts (by default, but overrideable)
will be sent these notifications by ma.PayMethod. E.g. " Invoice"
MBRs should be notified, but not credit card

Any thoughts/opinions/additions/subtractions?

Josh Hillman