Invalid date entered causes Emerald to exit

Pat Augustine ( )
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 18:16:21 -0400

I think I found one for a future fix.

If you go to a user and manually create an Invoice (using the Invoice
button) and fill in the date range (start date, end date) and accidentally
put an invalid date (such as 4/31/97, since April only has 30 days), when
you reach the field where you put a price, Emerald gets an Error 13: type
mismatch and exits completely.

Admittedly it's a stupid user error, but catching it gracefully with an
error message instead of dumping all the way out might be appreciated by
more than just this stupid user (who had to do it 3 times before he
remembered that April only had 30 days <g>).

This is in 2.1.11, don't know if it's in previous versions or not.

Pat Augustine
Interlink America