Hoe Charging by time work?

Andrei-Vasile Neagu ( radnt@nag.ro )
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 10:49:49 +-300

I still don't have this charging feature working. I noticed that the Call History table reference the field ChargeID.
When I manually try to enter a value in this field an error occured:
<conflict with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK__CallHisto__Charg__471C9436" The conflict occured in table Charges column ChargesID>
The table Charges is EMPTY!
I think that I correctly setup the USER:
- Dialup Group
- PPP type
- asigned 1$/hr 2$/hr Rate to PPP
First I run Charges and after this make Invoice type Invoice.
The answer: No new Invoices of this type...
Any version of Emerald from .75 till 1.9.

Maybe an answer now ...?

Thank you in advance,
Andrei-Vasile Neagu
avn@nag.ro, radnt@nag.ro

From: Dale E. Reed Jr.[SMTP:daler@iea.com]
Sent: 07/04/1997 8:19 AM
To: emerald@emerald.iea.com
Subject: Re: Overtime Charging.

David Khoury wrote:
> Hi ... first month has gone by with Emerald being used here. Woohoo!!
> Now comes the billing time. I tried doing a batch invoice and found that
> Emerald isn't calculating the overtime charges. There are definitely people
> that have gone overtime.

First, you should upgrade to atleast 2.1.9. Then you need to run the
charges button
from the batch tab, BEFORE creating the renewals.

> The only type of invoicing that worked was "Renewal". I tried the others,
> but they said that there were no invoices to create!!

Which should be correct, unless you have CC pay metyhod accounts.

> Of course, with the renewal, only the "Cost" charge appeared. The regular
> charge and overtime charge just didn't appear anywhere.

Thats most likely because you didn't run the charge first.


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