Re: Charges button?

Pat Augustine ( )
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 18:29:18 -0500

Never mind. I created a USERS file, pointed Radius to that and let the
Charges run. Took nearly 2 hours, but it's completed now. Hopefully next
time won't take as long.

Pat Augustine
Interlink America

> Dale,
> Can you give us the SQL of what clicking on the Charges button does (on
> the Batch tab)?
> I can't afford to do it. I ran the Charges today, and after an hour and
> half, had to abort. Radius was unable to verify any logins during that
> (or the recovery time following), so I was effectively down.
> We've not done it before (first ever billing) so I'm figuring it was
> a HUGE amount of work and if I could figure a way to do it in smaller
> chunks could maybe get caught up so it won't put me down when I click it.
> If there's a better way, or something I'm overlooking, please point me
> the right direction.
> Pat Augustine
> Interlink America
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