minor bugs in Emerald 2.1.8

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 11:20:57 -0500

Here are 2 minor bugs in Emerald 2.1.8

1. Emerald doesn't remember the window positioning when restoring (after
minimizing) or when restarting Emerald, however it does restore (after
minimizing) the vertical window size (if stretched out), which was a
problem in 2.1.7.

2. TSGraph still does not display the correct number of ports. This
problem has been around for at least 24 days. On March 10th, we upgraded
to 48 ports/digital modems from 24 in our Ascend Max 4004, but TSGraph only
displays ports 0-46, so it's showing only 47 ports instead of 48. All
ports are accounted for in the Radius config and all respond and display
properly in Emerald / Online.

The following script also displays data for all 48 ports:

DECLARE @startdate char(20)
DECLARE @enddate char(20)

SELECT @startdate = 'Apr 1 1997'
SELECT @enddate = 'Apr 2 1997'

SELECT NASPort, Calls=Count(UserName), Hours=(Sum(AcctSessionTime)/3600)
FROM Calls c, Emerald..Servers s
WHERE c.NASIdentifier=s.IPAddress and s.ServerID = 3
AND DateAdd(Second, (0-AcctSessionTime-AcctDelayTime), CallDate) >=
AND DateAdd(Second, (0-AcctSessionTime-AcctDelayTime), CallDate) <=
AND AcctStatusType=2
Group By NASPort

Josh Hillman