Re: Emerald Reports

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 00:55:04 -0800 wrote:
> Still a few problems. Most of the reports either say "SQL Server Error"
> or "Error in Formula". I've listed which reports say what below. Also,
> this still dosen't explain why most of the preconfigured reports in the
> "Emerald" section just don't exist at all!! It wouldn't be too bad except
> that I can't change these reports like I can the "Custom" reports section.

2.1.8 will not show reports, in either section, if it can not find them.
The reports from the Emerald section which do not exist were removed as

> Anyway, here are a list of reports and associated error. If anyone has
> seen these errors, or knows how to fix it, or might hazard a guess to what
> the problem is, please reply.

Some of the old reports pointed to the Emerald2 database. I believe all
of the
reports on the FTP site have been corrected from this, though.

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