Re: Check Database

Tommy Cheng ( )
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 23:12:46 -0800

Chris Kurlinski wrote:
> I beleive I have something very wrong.
> In Emerald Admin when I use Check Database with the check only option
> clicked I get the following:
> Table (see below) does not have the correct number of fields.
> Groups
> Invoices
> RadAttributes
> RadValues
> Scriptmaps
> Scripts
> TimeLimits
> TimeUsages
> If I use Update Database I get:
> SQL Server Error: 2705 Column names in each table must be unique.
> Column name GroupID in table AccountTypes is specified more than once.
> State=2, Severity=16
> click OK and it comtinues with a multitude of errors.
> The scary part is Emerald and RadiusNT seem to work, I add users to the
> database they logon without a problem. Callsonline, accounting, history
> it all seems to work. Any idea how I can fix my database?

Dale said don't worry about these errors. All tables were properly
updated anyway.