Re: New Serv-U Auth DLL

Jim Dornbush ( (no email) )
Fri, 28 Mar 97 11:38:53 PST

The new version of SU_EMER.DLL seems to crash more often than the old one=
(twice in one day vs. once a week).
I've put the old one back on my system. I'll gladly collect some debug =
info to help resolve this.
---Jim D.   Manager of Internet Services, Eagle Design & Technology, Inc.


> I have put an updated Serv-U Authentication DLL on the FTP site at>>>> This fixes two problems:>> * Random crash when user logs in.>> * Add ma.Extension to expiration check during login>>> Please let me know if you continue to have random crashes of> Serv-U after updating to this DLL.>> Dale>>>> ----------------------------------------------------------> Emerald Mailing List>