Emerald Billing Questions

Jeremy Domingue ( jer@tminet.com )
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 12:01:58 -0800

Hey Dale,

I was wondering how much trouble it would be to add a few fields in the =
invoicing for type of payment (cash, check, cc, etc.) and a field to put =
in a check number (if applicable). This is something that we would have =
a very hard time doing without at this point, because we need to track =
things like that. Also, when someone pays an already created invoice, is =
there a way to pay over or under the invoice amount? As far as I can =
tell, when you hit the "Pay" button, it just credits whatever the =
invoice amount was to the customer. If someone was to pay over so that =
they could have a credit, or pay under because they made a mistake, how =
would Emerald handle this?

Jeremy Domingue
Webmaster, Tehachapi Mountain Internet