Greg Boehnlein ( )
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 02:58:23 -0500 (EST)

Couple of things..

1. What is the status of the "Toggle" for the Registry Entry that tells
Emerald to use the New-Style Export Layout?

2. Does 2.1.7 have the fix to COMPLETELY delete an MBR and all the
associated data for it's invoices in the external.trans table?

3. Can Emerald be changed to only output a SINGLE "EXT" command when
it batches out? No need to send 2, as we discussed that Emerald HAS
the ability to create the RADIUS Users file, so the second one is MOOT.

4. What is the status of a "Check #" field to be associated w/ Paid

5. What is the status of the "Tax" Situation? As I've said before, it
would be VERY VERY VERY helpful if we could tag an MBR as Taxable
or Non-Taxable. In Ohio, we have to charge a Computer Services tax
to businesses using our service, but this tax does not apply to home

6. Are there any plans for Emerald to be able to track "tax" on an ongoing
basis? It would be nice to be able to run a report every month totaling
up the taxable / non-taxable incomes.

That's about it for now..

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