$200.00 per year exactly.

Neil Johnson ( neilj@cybrtyme.com )
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 16:21:41 -0600

We are currently trying out the latest beta of Emerald, and are very =
close to making the decision to purchase Emerald. I am having a problem =
with setting up a special yearly rate. We currently(until May '97) =
offer a $200/year for unlimited access. I would like to have an exact =
$200 fee for the package. If set up a Service Type of SPC-PPP and have =
the cost set to $200, the actual bill calculated for a year of service =
is $2400(I realize that the bill is set up for 12mos @ $200). If I try =
to set up any other cost for the SPC-PPP and apply a termed discount, =
the closest I can get is $200.04. I hate to be nitpicking, but we =
really want to have exactly $200.00 for the year of service. =20

My exact numbers in the Administrator are Service Type cost of $21.95 =
and a Pay Periods Discount of 24.0698% which by my limited math skills =
$21.95 * 12mos=3D$263.40 =20
$263.40 * 24.0698%=3D $63.3998532 or rounded up $63.40
$263.40 - $63.40=3D$200.00

Emerald must only use so many decimal places when calculating the =
payment. =20

If it is a limitation of Emerald and not my lack of knowledge of =
Emerald, can something be done about it? Does anyone know how to have a =
1 year service be billed exactly as $200.00?

Neil Johnson
CybrTyme, Inc.