Re: Emerald Reports
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 15:39:32 +1000

>From: "Jeff Presley" <>
>Subject: Re: Emerald Reports

>> To recap once again, I have a problem running reports. Only one of the
>> reports that are preconfigured in the "Reports" section of Emerald actually
>> exists, and that is the Deferred Revenue report (defrev.rpt). ALL the other
>> preconfigured reports just don't exist.
>> When I configure the reports that exist into the "Custom Reports" section,
>> all I get is the message "Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters".
>Here's my stab at it. The reports are using Crystal Reports. You need to
>ensure that your ODBC/32 is setup correctly for the Crystal Reports to logon
>to the SQL Server.

<sigh> Thanks Jeff. I didn't have the Emerald ODBC configured properly.
It's now working better than it was :)

Still a few problems. Most of the reports either say "SQL Server Error"
or "Error in Formula". I've listed which reports say what below. Also,
this still dosen't explain why most of the preconfigured reports in the
"Emerald" section just don't exist at all!! It wouldn't be too bad except
that I can't change these reports like I can the "Custom" reports section.

Anyway, here are a list of reports and associated error:

Report Size Error
account.rpt 23,157 "Error in formula"
acctsum.rpt 13,968 "Error in formula"
call_sum.rpt 9,489 "Error in formula"
ccbad.rpt 11,462 Works :)
defrev.rpt 18,235 "SQL server error"
expaccts.rpt 7,722 "Error in formula"
invcc.rpt 8,073 "SQL server error"
invoice.rpt 15,898 Works.
invreg.rpt 8,978 Works.
monrev.rpt 35,040 "SQL server error"
newbywk.rpt 5,024 "Error in formula"
payments.rpt 9,471 "Error in formula"

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