Re: Upgrading to beta 215

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 14:04:32 -0800

Franco Nogarin wrote:
> Hi, I am running emerald 2.0.75, and radius 1.16.52 and wish to catch up to
> beta emerald 2.1.05, and the latest radius do I do the following:
> 1. Download and install it
> 2. download the emerald.exe in the beta directory and copy it to the
> emerald program folder

1 and 2 are really the same thing. Sometimes we put a quick-fix up that
isn't in an archive. Typically within the same day, the emerald.exe
will disappear and a new will appear with the changes.txt.

> the updttabs.sql from beta folder and run it to upgrade tables

I doubt you'll need to do this, if you are at 2.0.75 already. Only pre
2.0.75 needs this.

> and optionally, replace radius.exe on my server with that one from the beta
> folder?

You should be running 1.16.60, as the latest release. You can use the
radius.exe in the emerald/beta as well, though.

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