AW: start and stop records

Peter A. Sang ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 21:39:21 +0100

Josh, looks like you really want to book a small SQL seminar with me :)

You're correct, all you need are the 'Type 2' records that contain your
accounting information. You might have others (e.g. type 3 from
Cisco-NAS), you can delete them as well.=20
('delete from calls where acctstatustype !=3D 2' will do the job in this
case, too)
You may want to check which types you have by executing 'select * from
calls where acctstatustype !=3D 2' before using the delete command.

cu, Peter

This is from a Mail I sent to the list on January 12th:

the SQL command

'delete from calls where acctstatustype =3D 1'

(executed from SQL Enterprise manager or the Query Tool) will delete all
data records meeting the condition 'acctstatustype =3D 1' from the Calls
table in the Emerald db.

Since they are not used, this will help you to save database space.(If
you don't feel save with issuing direct SQL commands, just leave it
alone if you have enough space left.)

I do this deletions for type 1 and 3 about once a month, i assume Dale
will include it as an (automatic?) 'trim Calls table' command in a
future version of Emerald.

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>Von: Josh Hillman[]
>Gesendet: Montag, 24. M=E4rz 1997 18:01
>Betreff: start and stop records
>I've got over 36,400 start records in my Calls table (SQL) dating back =
>Oct 28, 1996. Do the start records serve any purpose after the stop =
>has been obtained for the same call? The stop records are pretty =
>but I don't think I've ever used the start records for anything AFTER =
>stop record has been obtained.
>How can these start records be removed (if it's safe to do so)? I =
>want to kill any of the stop records yet.
>Emerald 2.1.5
>SQL 6.5 on NT 4.0
>Ascend Max 4004 5.0A
>Josh Hillman
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