The call that wouldn't die

Jeffery Warren ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 15:03:40 -0600

I am trying out Emerald and RadiusNT, and think I like and will stick with
them. I've got a few learning glitches about the way things are done in
Emerald, and how my NAC (USR's Total Control Hub) works with Radius, but in
all I think it's a great package.

I've got one small problem, though. While I've been able to get everything
configured correctly, I have a permanent user. Well, not really, but it
looks that way.

This user logged on, during some maintenance I stopped the Radius server,
the user logged off, afterwhich I restarted Radius. As such the log off
was never registered. Now it seems that the user has been logged on for

I've looked everywhere I can think of (which resulted in my inadvertent
erasure of the entire calls table), but the user persists.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Jeffery Warren