Re: Error Message "Runtime Error 6" on SA Login

David Khoury ( )
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 11:12:44 +1000

>Dick Bailey wrote:
>> Emerald Sign-in accepts my password to the SQL database, but then returns
>> the Runtime Error 6 message and then shuts down
>> Running on WinNT Workstation 4.0 Emerald ver 2.0.75 (demo)
>> Can anybody help?
>Does the administrator work fine? You may have some problems with
>Crystal reports DLLs. Do you have VB installed?
>Dale E. Reed Jr. (

Is this problem related to the "Runtime Error 6" with Win95 and 2.0.75??
The one where the high negative numbers are accidently stored in
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\IEA\Emerald\Windows ?? (it was actually in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER for a machine here that had that problem :)

Just setting the values that were very high to zero solved this problem.

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