Re: Frustrating calls table problems....

Marc Elbirt ( )
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 10:53:29 -0500

>> >Acct-Session-ID is a NAS calcultaed number. It has nothing to do with
>> >the RADIUS server. I beleive if you configure a NTP and setup the
>> >Computone to use it, it will have unique IDS on reboot. Unfortunately,
>> >I am not an experienced user at it.
>> I don't believe the Computone has this option. Again, the A-S-ID seems to
>> be not time based, but time from restart, which would thus be VERY bad.

Hey guys, relax. I use a Computone Intelliserver with a time server, and
have no problems with unique IDs. Just install one on your primary RADIUS
server, and reboot the Computone. All will be well.

This is the time server I use:

UniTime v2.1

I get AcctSessionIDs like this:


They're actually the best machines I've seen, and we demoed 3 or 4

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