Re: User Login Problems

Jeff Woods ( )
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 10:14:19 -0500

At 06:45 AM 3/16/97 -0600, you wrote:
>In a attempt to expand our account types by adding catagories to the
"Service Types" , we experience errors by users who try to logon. We have
created several new types:
>PPP - Standard Monthly Price
>PPP99 - Special Monthly Price
>PPP1295 -Special Monthly Price
>PPP1495 - Special Monthly Price
>The only one the will allow users to login successfully is the PPP account

Now you have to add the RADIUS keys. Go into EmerAdmin, select Config
RADIUS, and go to the Defaults tab. Then select the new account types.
You'll need to add keys for:

User-Service: Framed-User
Framed-Protocol: PPP
Framed-Routing: Broadcast-Listen
Framed-MTU: 1500

Plus any options you want, such as PortLimit and IdleTimeout. If you are
using Ascend, you may also need to add some Ascend-specific keys.